Saint-Hyacinthe: 12th most entrepreneurial city in Canada

Saint-Hyacinthe once again confirmed its standing as city of business and entrepreneurship, ranking 6th in Quebec and 12th in Canada for its entrepreneurial dynamism in the Canadian Federation of Independent Business’s annual Entrepreneurial Communities study. Saint-Hyacinthe stood out among the 125 communities studied in Canada and even reached the first step of the podium for […]

Groupe DCL invests $3M to expand its facilities in Saint-Hyacinthe

Saint-Hyacinthe Technopole announced a new construction project in Saint-Hyacinthe’s Olivier-Chalifoux industrial park. Groupe DCL revealed the details of a $3-M investment to expand its Maskoutan facilities and immediately broke ground on its project. The construction, which will take until June of this year, will add 20,000 square feet to the existing plant. The expansion became […]

New manufacturing company : Distillerie NOROI opens in Saint-Hyacinthe

Distillerie NOROI has officially inaugurated its facilities in Saint-Hyacinthe’s Olivier-Chalifoux industrial park. The new food processing company settling in Saint-Hyacinthe Technopole will be the region’s first distillery. Thanks to a $2.5-M investment, NOROI is already producing several alcoholic beverages in its plant on Choquette Boulevard, including a dry gin, an orange liqueur, orange bitters and […]

Saint-Hyacinthe Technopole launches its annual business tourism campaign with new tools

With the opening of its new convention centre just over a year ago, Saint-Hyacinthe has regained its title as the largest business tourism destination in Quebec’s regions. Using this position, Saint-Hyacinthe Technopole just launched its annual promotion campaign for its services and associated hosting infrastructure with convention and event organisers using new tools to promote […]

Jefo to invest 30 M$ in a new production plant

JEFO ANNOUNCES THE CONSTRUCTION OF AN ADDITIONAL STATE-OF-THE-ART PRODUCTION PLANT IN 2019 Jefo announced its plan to build a new 200 000 square feet production plant in Saint-Hyacinthe. This new building, estimated at 30 M$, will be located in the Théo-Phénix Industrial Park. The area, acquired in 2018, is strategic due to its proximity to […]

$2 M investment: Brasserie Olten inaugurates brewing facilities in Saint-Hyacinthe

Brasserie Olten, a subsidiary of Bilboquet Microbrasserie inc., inaugurated its production facilities in Saint-Hyacinthe’s Olivier-Chalifoux industrial park today. With more than 10,000 square feet, the new brewing plant is located in the new agri-food business incubator that opened a few days ago on Choquette Boulevard. The $2 M investment went into purchasing several pieces of […]

The JUST BITE snack company sets up in Saint-Hyacinthe

Saint-Hyacinthe Technopole is pleased to announce that a new manufacturing business has set up shop on its territory. The JUST BITE snack company recently started its activities in the City of Agri-Food, Veterinary and Agri-Environmental Technology. Founded in 2017, JUST BITE selected Saint-Hyacinthe’s technological park as its permanent site for producing snack boxes according to […]

Fixi Kombucha inaugurates new facilities in Saint-Hyacinthe

A new food processing plant has begun activities in Saint-Hyacinthe. Fixi Kombucha, a young company specializing in making, canning and marketing fermented tea drinks, inaugurated its new facilities today, in the presence of several partners and local dignitaries. The company will be occupying a 1,000-square-foot space in a new industrial incubator on Choquette Boulevard, in […]

Major investment in new agri-food business incubator in Saint-Hyacinthe

Saint-Hyacinthe Technopole is pleased to announce the opening of a new private incubator for agri-food businesses on its territory. The project is an initiative of Maskoutan project proponent Jonathan Robin, who is completing the acquisition of a building to set up this infrastructure. The complex, which welcomed its first manufacturing activities a few weeks ago, […]

Exceldor selects Saint-Hyacinthe for new slaughtering and processing plant

Saint-Hyacinthe Technopole was thrilled to learn that Exceldor has chosen Saint-Hyacinthe as the site of its new slaughtering and primary processing plant, confirmed in an announcement the company made today. Exceldor selected the site Saint-Hyacinthe proposed on Pinard Avenue, in the Olivier-Chalifoux industrial park. The company’s exploratory process is ready to enter the next phase. […]