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$10.5 M investment confirmed for V-To’s new facilities in Saint-Hyacinthe

$10.5 M investment confirmed for V-To’s new facilities in Saint-Hyacinthe

Maskoutan business V-To inc., which specializes in manufacturing sanitary and maintenance products, confirmed an investment of approximately $10.5 million for the construction of its new production facilities in Saint-Hyacinthe.

Boasting more than 6,000 square metres of surface area, the new V-To building will be located on Bérard Avenue in Olivier-Chalifoux industrial park. It will allow the company to significantly ramp up its production capacity to meet a strong increase in business volume. The new facilities will notably enable the company to manufacture a new line of products designed to meet the needs of the food processing industry. A laboratory will also be set up to develop new products.

Vincent Chevalier, general manager of V-To said, “For several years now, V-To has focused on business development by hiring a driven team and honing its development strategies, particularly by using the web and a variety of technologies to optimize its reach. This has resulted in significant growth supported by our great team of employees. This new head office, of which we are very proud, will allow us to significantly improve our production and logistics processes.”

The company has grown from 15 to 25 employees in the last few years. Upon completion of this major investment project, when operations start up at the new plant, it plans to hire another 10 or so people.

The construction work, which is being carried out by Arri Construction based on plans designed by Boulianne Charpentier Architectes, has just begun and will take until winter. The company is expecting to relocate its activities early next year. The building will also include a rental space of a little over 2,500 square meters, which will also be able to accommodate new manufacturing activities in 2023.

V-To has been based in Saint-Hyacinthe for 67 years. It makes Chemlab and Envirolab cleaners and also distributes sanitary accessories and equipment for the institutional, industrial and commercial sectors. It has developed a full line of environmentally friendly cleaners that are certified Ecologo, the only official such certification in Canada and one of the world’s most stringent. V-To is always investing in R&D to develop innovative new products and improve existing ones.