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TalThi announces $4.2M investment to expand Saint-Hyacinthe facilities

TalThi announces $4.2M investment to expand Saint-Hyacinthe facilities

Maskoutain-based TalThi Alimentaire Inc. has announced a major investment project to support the growth of its operations in Saint-Hyacinthe. The company will invest $4.2 million to expand its production surface area.

Its facilities in the Olivier-Chalifoux industrial park on Bérard Avenue will be expanded by nearly 14,000 square feet. Three new plastic thermoforming production lines will be installed to manufacture food containers.

The cutting-edge equipment that will be acquired for this investment project will help increase the corporation’s productivity. For one, it will improve the environmental impact of its activities by recovering and crushing residual production waste to reuse in the production chains.

Les Constructions Luc Loiselle Inc. is managing the construction work, which has just begun. With the work to take only a few months, the new premises should be operational next spring. Once the expansion is completed, the total surface area of the TalThi facilities will be over 32,000 square feet.

This project will create five new job positions, bringing the total number of employees to 30.

“We are pleased to have a significant new manufacturing investment in our area. In addition to reflecting the economic vitality of the Maskoutain region, this project emphasizes the sustained growth of one of our great agri-food companies that hasn’t hesitated to invest in improving productivity,” said Karine Guilbault, the director of industrial development at Saint-Hyacinthe Technopole.

TalThi specializes in manufacturing plastic and aluminium packaging solutions and food containers. Its products are distributed mainly in the restaurant- and food-chain markets. This is the company’s second recent major development project: it expanded the size of its current Maskoutain facilities barely two years ago.