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Crème boulangerie pâtisserie inaugurates new facilities in St-Hyacinthe

Crème boulangerie pâtisserie inaugurates new facilities in St-Hyacinthe

Crème boulangerie pâtisserie has officially inaugurated its facilities in Saint-Hyacinthe, with its main partners in attendance. A few weeks after launching production, the new Maskoutin enterprise confirmed that it is fully operational and ready to meet client demand.

Located in the Olivier-Chalifoux industrial park along the highway, Crème boulangerie pâtisserie specializes in producing fine artisanal and custom bakery and pastry products in large volumes. These delights are distributed mainly in commercial retail outlets in the greater Saint-Hyacinth area. The manufacturing plant also has a direct sales counter open to the public for purchasing fresh products. Customers can also discover new products and stock up on speciality items.

This new enterprise is the culmination of the entrepreneurial vision of Karelle Canuel-Dubé, Marie-Ève Pinsonneault and Delphine Messier. These three young promoters pooled their experience in the baking and pastry sector as well as in business management and product development in order to launch their business project.

They also share the environmental goal of keeping their ecological footprint to a bare minimum. The business model is therefore based on manufacturing with distillers’ grains, a highly nutritious by-product of breweries. Crème boulangerie pâtisserie will be upcycling the spent grains from its neighbour, Brasseurs du Monde. Using distillers’ grains in its products also boosts their protein and nutrient content. In addition, Crème boulangerie pâtisserie will integrate flour from unsold bread into its raw materials, improve its water management and optimize its packaging.

Crème boulangerie pâtisserie’s arrival in Saint-Hyacinthe has brought new investments to the community. Recall that this project won the local portion of the OSEntreprendre contest in the Biofood Category for its excellent business plan.