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Pliage Maska and DM Inox invest $5M to build new plant in Saint-Hyacinthe

Pliage Maska and DM Inox invest $5M to build new plant in Saint-Hyacinthe

A new industrial construction site is taking shape in Saint-Hyacinthe. Pliage Maska and DM Inox have confirmed a $5-million investment to build an automated plant to process and bend sheet metal used to manufacture customized stainless steel equipment.

The new 19,000-sq. ft. facilities will be located on Impasse Bérard in the Olivier-Chalifoux industrial park. Both enterprises, currently located on Raoul-Lassonde Avenue, will move to this new location, which will triple their manufacturing space.

Led by Dany Malenfant and Frédérik Loiselle, Pliage Maska and DM Inox are leaders in Quebec in manufacturing customized stainless steel parts, primarily for the agri-food sector. Pliage Maska specializes in cutting and folding sheet metal while DM Inox assembles and manufactures equipment. They notably manufacture customized equipment such as complex stainless steel conveyors, sinks, gutters, floor drains, wall panels, and complex steel handrails as well as other equipment for the heavy industry and agri-food sectors.

“Our current facilities no longer accommodate the growing needs of our clients,” said Malenfant, the CEO of both companies. “This new plant will enable us to meet their demands and improve our manufacturing processes.”

For this purpose, a significant portion of the investment will go to acquiring new, specialized equipment. This will enable the companies to complete all production processes internally and will make their processes fully autonomous. More specifically, since the cutting, folding, welding, and shipping management will be optimized and done on-site, the businesses will gain a competitive edge and be able to maintain the quality levels that have built their reputation.

“Saint-Hyacinthe Technopole is proud to contribute to the realization of this project. This construction site adds to the impressive number of building projects completed since the beginning of the year in the Maskoutain industrial parks. Once again, we are lending a hand to a wonderful local enterprise to help it achieve its growth project and to add jobs to our territory,” highlighted Karine Guilbault, the director of industrial development for Saint-Hyacinthe Technopole.

Les Constructions Luc Loiselle will be executing the construction work, which should be completed by next spring. The relocation and new production activities will create five new jobs, bringing the companies’ combined total to 30 employees.