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Entreprise Électrique M.J.L. invests $2.2 millions to build new facilities in Saint-Hyacinthe

Entreprise Électrique M.J.L. invests $2.2 millions to build new facilities in Saint-Hyacinthe

Saint-Hyacinthe Technopole would like to recognize the beginning of the construction work on Entreprise Électrique M.J.L.’s new facilities. The company has decided to consolidate its expansion in Saint-Hyacinthe.

The company broke ground on a 20,000-square foot building on Fernand-Daoust Street in the Olivier-Chalifoux industrial park. The building will house M.J.L.’s new offices, in addition to storage and production areas, gathering all of the company’s operations under one roof. The facilities will mainly be used to manufacture control panels used for process automation in various industries, in addition to greenhouse lighting equipment, a niche market the company entered a few years back.

Founded in 2000, Entreprise Électrique M.J.L. is currently based in Sainte-Marie-Madeleine, in a space that made it impossible to expand its manufacturing activities.

M.J.L. president Maxime Larouche said, “This project will increase our control panel production capacity and our storage capacity to better meet customer demand. We received valuable support from the team of professionals at Saint-Hyacinthe Technopole, who helped us identify the best site for our facilities and guided us every step of the way.”

The company’s investment will also create five new jobs. Entreprise Électrique M.J.L. already has a dozen active employees and some 50 electricians working on the company’s different projects. The construction work started a few days ago and should be completed in the spring. Entreprise Électrique M.J.L. is expecting to transfer all its activities in April 2019.

“We are pleased to welcome Entreprise Électrique M.J.L.—and its quality jobs—to Saint-Hyacinthe. The manufacturing activities this company has developed will open the door to significant growth, which Saint-Hyacinthe Technopole is happy to support,” said the organization’s general manager, André Barnabé.

Entreprise Électrique M.J.L. inc offers electrical services in the residential, commercial and industrial sectors. It has special expertise in process automation and greenhouse cultivation, which led it to manufacture its own parts and components.