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TURTLEBRACE chooses Saint-Hyacinthe for its production activities

TURTLEBRACE chooses Saint-Hyacinthe for its production activities

Les concepts orthopédiques Turtlebrace, which specializes in developing and manufacturing orthotics, selected Saint-Hyacinthe as the site of its production activities. The company began operating its new 5,000-square-foot plant in the Olivier-Chalifoux industrial park several weeks ago.

Turtlebrace’s orthotics are unique in the way they supports the affected limb or joint. Their products are made of eco-friendly low-temperature thermoplastic fused to a microfibre covering. The flexibility of the components stabilizes the body part better and with more precision than traditional orthotics or plaster casts.

“Our products are innovative. They make it easier for clinicians to do their jobs, optimize the treatment of several musculoskeletal pathologies and improve the quality of life of those who wear them,” said Serge-Éric Blais, president of Les concepts orthopédiques Turtlebrace.

Sold under the Turtlebrace brand, these products have been popular in Canada since their arrival on the market in 2014. They are now sold in France, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, the French Antilles, Luxemburg and Belgium and are expected to be introduced into new European and African countries soon.

Turtlebrace’s Maskoutan plant has four employees. A second phase of investments is planned for January to purchase new equipment, which will create new jobs.