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Meunerie Côté-Paquette moving to Saint-Hyacinthe and invest $30 M

Meunerie Côté-Paquette moving to Saint-Hyacinthe and invest $30 M

Saint-Hyacinthe Technopole was pleased to receive confirmation that Meunerie Côté-Paquette will be building its new facilities in Saint-Hyacinthe’s Théo-Phénix industrial park.

The company’s owners and managers, Mario Côté and Bernard Paquette, recently announced the decision to relocate their activities to the agri-food technopolis, after a fire destroyed their facilities in Ange-Gardien in February 2015. They will be investing $30 M in the new feed mill, which will be located near the Shur-Gain mill’s current site.

Côté and Paquette said they narrowed down their choice to Saint-Hyacinthe after assessing several sites. “Saint-Hyacinthe was the best location, namely because the city is an agri-food capital with a dynamic concentration of major players in the animal feed industry. Proximity to several input suppliers and access to the railway made Saint-Hyacinthe an easy choice. Also, Saint-Hyacinthe is ideally situated to serve corporate farms and has a very bright future,” specified the company in its press release.

The new feed mill will have a 240,000-ton capacity and will be fitted with the latest equipment. “We hired the SNC Lavalin Inc. engineering firm and Laval-based general contractor Frare & Gallant for the construction project. We have been working on the plans for several months and broke ground on February 2, 2017,” added Mr. Paquette.

Saint-Hyacinthe Technopole’s general manager, André Barnabé, applauded the decision. “Our team worked hard to pave the way for this significant project in Saint-Hyacinthe. With the help of the municipal authorities, we created the best reception conditions possible. Saint-Hyacinthe will greatly benefit from this major investment, the jobs it will create and the economic spin-offs from having such a company in our area,” he said.

Meunerie Côté-Paquette is a family-run company, owned by Mario Côté and Bernard Paquette. Involved in the hog production industry, it has been in business since 1991.