$12M Investment in Station Agro-Biotech

Just three years after its inauguration, Station Agro-Biotech in Saint-Hyacinthe is announcing a major investment project to expand its facilities. The project, which will be carried out in 2022, is needed due to the rapid growth of the three businesses overseen by Agro-Biotech Station. The 12-some million dollars invested will be used to add another […]

TalThi announces $4.2M investment to expand Saint-Hyacinthe facilities

Maskoutain-based TalThi Alimentaire Inc. has announced a major investment project to support the growth of its operations in Saint-Hyacinthe. The company will invest $4.2 million to expand its production surface area. Its facilities in the Olivier-Chalifoux industrial park on Bérard Avenue will be expanded by nearly 14,000 square feet. Three new plastic thermoforming production lines […]

Viandes Maska makes $3.2 millions investment to build new St-Hyacinthe production and distribution unit

Les Viandes Maska, a Maskoutin enterprise, announced a major investment for the construction of its new production and distribution facilities in the Olivier-Chalifoux industrial park in Saint-Hyacinthe. This nearly $3.2-million investment was used to acquire a 3,500-square-metre property on Bérard Avenue where a new building will be constructed for the business’s activities. The funds will […]

Crème boulangerie pâtisserie inaugurates new facilities in St-Hyacinthe

Crème boulangerie pâtisserie has officially inaugurated its facilities in Saint-Hyacinthe, with its main partners in attendance. A few weeks after launching production, the new Maskoutin enterprise confirmed that it is fully operational and ready to meet client demand. Located in the Olivier-Chalifoux industrial park along the highway, Crème boulangerie pâtisserie specializes in producing fine artisanal […]

2020 Annual Economic Report – Saint-Hyacinthe’s economy weathers the crisis and begins its recovery

In spite of the pandemic, which caused one of the worst global economic slowdowns in history, the Maskoutan economy pulled through the crisis and was able to keep key growth indicators up in 2020. That is what the annual economic report for the Greater Saint-Hyacinthe region shows, as presented today by Saint-Hyacinthe Technopole and the […]

$30M investment : Saint-Hyacinthe Technopole announces the construction of CDMV’s new facilities in the City of biotechnology

Saint-Hyacinthe Technopole announced that a major investment will be made in the City of Agri-Food, Veterinary and Agri-Environmental Biotechnology, to build CDMV’s new facilities. The construction project is expected to break ground soon. Saint-Hyacinthe Technopole will be erecting a brand new, two-story 135,000-square-foot building at the corner of Cartier and José-Maria-Rosell avenues, in the heart […]

$2.6M investment : ADP Façades is starting up its operations and beginning to recruit for its new plant in Saint-Hyacinthe

ADP Façades, which announced last fall that it would be setting up shop in Saint-Hyacinthe, is preparing to start up production this spring. The company, which specializes in manufactuing window walls, is currently completing the layout and fit-up of its plant, located in a 23,500-square-foot building in Olivier-Chalifoux industrial park. In addition to an investment of […]

2019 Annual Economic Report – Greater Saint-Hyacinthe region relying on solid economic foundations to launch recovery

While various sectors of the economy are gradually reopening after lockdown, Saint-Hyacinthe Technopole and the MRC des Maskoutains have released their 2019 annual economic report for the region. Normally published in April, the report was postponed due to the pandemic, in particular to move the teams into direct business support. André Barnabé, the executive director […]

Fruit d’Or establishes R&D activities in Saint-Hyacinthe

Fruit d’Or, the world leader in organic cranberry processing and second largest organic wild blueberry processor, will locate its research and development (R&D) activities in Saint-Hyacinthe. This large Quebec enterprise will be operating its Centre of  Innovation in the technology park of the City of Agri-Food, Veterinary and Agri-Environmental Biotechnology. Fruit d’Or’s research and development […]

New $20M investment: Gayonica establishes new oil and molecule extraction plant in Saint-Hyacinthe

Gayonica, a new company specialized in the extraction and purification of high-end cannabis resin, has announced it is setting up its plant in Saint-Hyacinthe. It has acquired a 23,500-sq. ft. building in the Oliver-Chalifoux industrial park and will soon launch its transformation activities. A total of $20 million has been invested into getting the new […]